The Reactant

Reacting to News for Raccoon TV

Jerry Lewis, Legendary Commedian Passes At Age 91

One of the greatest showmans of the early 20th century bids us farewell. We shall miss him.


Eve Fruge: Honorary Finale Girl Princess, All-around Awesome Human Being!

The little girl that could, with a big heart!

My Favorite Cosplayers

Summer is in full swing and cosplays are abound as Con season also goes full-tilt. Here's where I share a few of my favorites.

Food Cultural Appropriation Is A Thing?

Because it's not enough to yell at someone for appropriating other cultures, now it's appropriating FOOD from other cultures.

“Sex Robot Inc.”Coming Soon to the UK

Sex brothels for the new millenium gets an "upgrade" coming soon to the UK, and then worldwide.

America’s Theme Parks: A bird’s eye view

WOW! Some of America's premier amusement parks look like insanely detailed miniatures from these aerial photographs!

United Airlines Raises More Twitter Storm By Forcibly Ejecting Passengers!

Monday news madness from United Airlines' violently removing passengers off their OVERBOOKED planes.

American ASIAN Denied By Racist Airbnb

Crazy AirBnb host denies a reservation at the last minute because guest is ASIAN. - when she's in fact, an American.

Chuck Berry, Rock Pioneer, Rests In Peace At Age 90

Rock legend and Pioneer dies at age 90 on Saturday, March 18, 2017. He shall be missed!

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