I have NO kind words for people who discriminate.

At all.

There’s this bit of news that’s been getting a lot of air time currently.  It’s about an incident that happend about on Feb. 17 of this year when Dyne Suh, a resident from Riverside, CA went up to Big Bear, CA.

Apparently, she booked an Airbnb at Running Springs for their stay there.  Unfortunately, once they got there, they were DENIED entry as their Airbnb cancelled at the last literal minute.

That means, it was already paid for, as well as planned.

Suh and her friends, who were on the trip said that it took a few hours to get there due to the cold and wintery weather that was going on at the time.  Only to find, to their shock, that the trip was for nothing.

Because she was Asian.


WTF does that even mean?

Dyne Suh, has been a naturalized AMERICAN since age 3.

Apparently, it’s not enough for some scumbags.




According to AirBnb, and confirmed from several news outlets, the incident DID happen.  The upshot of all this is that that particular AirBnb host has been removed and banned from their platform. “Airbnb does not condone discrimination in any way,” spokesman Christopher Nulty said. “We have worked to provide the guest with our full support. In line with our non-discrimination policy, this host has been permanently removed from the Airbnb platform.” 

AirBnb reached out to the guest as soon as it learned of the incident and offered to rebook her somewhere else, but she’d already made other plans elsewhere.

I wouldn’t blame Suh either, if I remember right, the weather at the time wasn’t kind and they would be seeking immediate shelter ASAP.

All in all, it’s sad to see this kind of thing still happening.

One commenter on Facebook even shared their experience on their news page:


I, myself, am Asian – and I came here to America in 1993 LEGALLY for a lot of reasons, health reasons being the main one.   So, in a sense, I sympathize with the woman not just because of her “race”, but also because that was basically the most f***** up thing to do to anybody.  Period.

Whatever happened to decency and respecting your neighbors?

Suh wasn’t even illegal, nor was she still an immigrant.  She was AMERICAN.



Author: Richard R for Raccoon TV

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