I remember playing theme park sims back in the day when I kept dreaming of running off to join a carny or thinking of building my own park as a kid.  Some of those games have impressive (at the time) graphics of bird’s eye views of your imagined theme parks. Not to mention there’ve been some board games about theme parks too.

There’s always that feeling of excitement and something magical about going to those places as a kid, and even now for some of us adults.

Then there’s that saying about art immitating life and vice versa as daredevil aerial photographer Jeffrey Milstein does just that when he took some amazing aerial photos of some of America’s favorite theme parks in all their glory.  With the use of a helicopter, adamantine-enhanced balls of courage, and a camera, he brings us some stunning shots of places we all know and love:

Coney Island, NY





Santa Monica Pier, CA


Universal Studios Hollywood, CA



Disneyland, CA


And many more!

All I can say is: “WOW!”


Author: Richard R. for Raccoon TV

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