I’ve seen a lot of weird crap over the years. Some of the stuff goes from raised eyebrows to jaw-dropping levels of insanity.

Half of those times, the act of recreational sex can sometimes top that list – because people have a fuckton (forgive the vocabulary) of ways to get their kink on.  While not the strangest thing I’ve heard so far, but this kinda takes the cake on what I think is the most dangerous thus far that I know of: motorcycle/bike sex.


What a world we live in…

It’s bad enough that some people like being choked/strangled while in coitus that can sometimes KILL their partner if taken too far, this is a whole new meaning to getting a “little death” – wherein “the sensation of orgasm as likened to death”.

But hey, what do I know?

Apparently, police are reportedly investigating the footage showing a young couple having sex on a motorbike as it speeds along a highway in Encarnacion, Paraguay.

Another motorist filmed the orgasmic-chasing duo and shared it via social media.



Police are trying to find the amorous suspects as there will be a possible fine to the tune of something close to $540 American dollars – probably for public indecency.  It may go up if they were found to be “intoxicated” during said act while on the road.

I could think of a lot more violations to hand out: driving without a helmet (on their HEAD – not his “other head” down there), or ARMOR, for starters.

Goes to show you just how far some are really willing to go to get their kinks.


Author: Richard R. for RaccoonTV

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