Here’s a wierd question: hands in the air here who has popped their own zits and whatnot?

It’s gross, it’s disgusting… and yet oh so satisfying.

It’s also one of our more crazier habits that not many will admit doing in the light of day.

This is what got to me when I saw a trending video from a doctor I’ve never heard of before that seems to be making the rounds on YouTube.

A doctor that pops zits and cysts.

It got the 9-year old kid in me’s attention in all it’s glorious bloody goriness.

Meet Doctor Sandra Lee – aka Dr. Pimple Popper.

Dr. Sandra Lee is a board certified dermatologist that specializes in general and cosmetic dermatology in Southern California who has become a global YouTube and Social Media sensation!  She has amassed nearly 2 million followers on Instagram (@drpimplepopper) and has over 1.6  million subscribers on YouTube where her videos have been viewed over 750 million times.


And while it would bring me joy to show EVERYTHING in this blog, some of her stuff is pretty graphic – the surgeries she does, I mean.   Most of her videos are NOT for the squeamish.

Fortunately, here’s a tame one of her giving the what’s what of what she does:

She really KNOWS her stuff.  As one who suffers acne even to this day, she is a veritible fount of information.

And she’s also effing booked SOLID unless you got a very insane case that she then makes an exception as well as asks to have your case videod and shared as part of her profession to enlighten the world about it.

But if you’re like me, you want to get to the “good stuff”, am I right?

Here’s a sample interview/preview of what she does.  I gotta warn you though, it’s really not for the squeamish and faint of heart.

Interesting stuff, ain’t it?

But don’t take my word for it.  And if you find yourself having a unique situation that only she could probably help you with – then by all means – try to get in touch with her. The sources for my article are below.

Like I said, FASCINATING stuff!



Author: Richard R. for Raccoon TV

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