We all know going to the DMV can be hell no matter what county you’re in.  You’d either get the WORST customer service, or the WRONG customer service.

Every. Single. Time.

It can drive you crazy, I know.  I’ve been there.

In the case of Nick Stafford, owner of Craft Vinyl in Virgina, it spurred a revenge plot worthy of the Joker on a nice day in sheer genius of pettiness.

In an effort to pay for his son’s newly purchased Corvette and not having the time to go down to the local DMV, he settled on calling them for his alloted “30 seconds questions”.

According to his website:

If anybody has ever tried to call your “local” Virginia DMV office you end up being put on hold with an (804) area code Richmond VA customer service call center and you usually get the repeated voice greeting “due to an unusual high call volume we can not take your call at this time, please call again later” yada yada yada……
Well, after waiting on the phone with the DMV in Richmond for over an hour I made an official FOIA request (if you don’t know what that is, educate yourself) . I requested the direct “private” unlisted phone number to the Lebanon VA DMV office. I asked for the “UNLISTED” direct phone number that only DMV employees and other government departments have access to.  
By law http://law.lis.virginia.gov/vacode/title2.2/chapter37/ the Richmond DMV had to release the “unlisted” phone number to me (which they did) because the “unlisted” Lebanon DMV telephone number, telephone line, actual telephones and all employees answering those “secret” telephones are paid for with a disbursement of public funds.
So, I then called my local DMV office in Lebanon VA to ask my “30 second question”, and before I was able to finish my question this happens…..
Like a dog after a bone, he kept calling them numerous times and got very unsatisfactory results.
DMV, what can I say?  Love ’em, hate ’em, or you just wanna shove a rusty pole up where the sun don’t shine on ’em.
So what does the guy do?  He files THREE lawsuits and a few more injunctions against them.
But that’s not all, he still has to pay them $2,987.14 in taxes for the car.
And since the DMV HAD to accept it; they spent a few DAYS just to count them all manually since their coin machine couldn’t take them due to the insanely high volume.

So yeah, that happened.

And since he posted it on his website, his personal Facebook page, AND his company’s public Facebook page, he’s been getting his round in the news.

All I can say is, he went to EXTREME lengths for revenge on his state’s DMV just to prove a point.

Gotta respect a guy for being able to stick it to the DMV for NOT following their own laws.

Author: Richard R. for Raccoon TV.
Reacting to sources: 1, 2, and 3