In today’s cost conscious citizens; sometimes the dream of getting away from all the bills and high-strung stress of living can get to you. Some people work themselves to the damn bone just to eek out enough to pay rent, utilities, etc.  Some wish they didn’t have to do it at all and even yearn for something simple.

Thus the Tiny Home Movement was born.

The tiny house movement (also known as the “small house movement”) is a description for the architectural and social movement that advocates living simply in small homes. There is currently no set definition of what constitutes a tiny house; however, a residential structure under 500 square feet (46 m2) is generally accepted to be a tiny home.

There ARE other factors though, sometimes it is different for each state – especially if that tiny home you’re dreaming of building is portable enough to take on the road for the ultimate in vagabond experience.  Thing is; they ALL have to be up to code regardless if you are trying to completely live off-the-grid or half and half.


My fascination with this started when I saw someone dragging a trailer house that looked more like an actual house on wheels rather than the usual commercial RVs and Travel trailer homes that one gets to see coming from big name manufacturers like THOR MOTOR COACH, etc.

It just boggled the mind that one can actually BUILD something that can double as a permanent mobile house – sometimes for free using found materials and sometimes you pay a small to modestly LARGE cost for one. Usually with homes like that from proffessional coaches, once they know you’ll be full-time living in your RV, they’ll yank out the insurance and warranty of their products.

This is a different route.


The engineering aspect fascinates me as there are a lot of things to consider prior to making one and most oftentimes, it’s a big commitment once you take the proverbial plunge and go for it.  Especially since it’s not for everybody.

You just can’t decide to want to live in one at the drop of a hat.  There WILL be pros and cons to it.  I know I may never live in one permanently due to health reasons, but all the same, it is just SO FASCINATING!

Below are a few of the videos and channels that I sometimes watch (among others) about Tiny Homes and the incredible people that live in them.

As you can tell, most of the videos I’ve chosen are from people OUT of the USA – as it is more prevalent there.  There are some videos that from the US, however.  They are in NO particular order and they range from the very strange, ultra-unique, clever, and simple:

Impressive, aren’t they?  They are a cross between fully functionally engineered homes as well as impressive art because each unique home has that distinct “flavor” from their owners. You’ll never get that from anything commercially made.


Authot: Richard R. For Raccoon TV

Sources/Inspiration: 1, 2, and Certain YouTube Channels via the videos above – and if you like their channels, please subscribe.  ;-).