This could be a cautionary tale for would-be stuntpersons and adrenaline junkies out there.

This is the story of Anthony Booth Armer. For those that don’t know who he is; he’s the crazy YouTuber daredevil that trespasses on some private properties, and takes a high-dive on their pools.  It’s basically what he’s famous for.


During one of his more recent bout of high-dive insanity a few days ago, he dove off the Pacific Edge Hotel – AND MISSED!

Yeah, he fucking MISSED!  In the graphic video below that is DEFINITELY NOT SAFE FOR WORK, it shows his dive and the aftermath.  Trust me; this video is NOT for the faint of heart, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED:

Not a pretty picture, huh?

According to the LA TIMES: Anthony Booth Armer, known as the masked daredevil “8Booth,” bounded off the top of the Pacific Edge Hotel on South Coast Highway about 8:20 p.m. on Dec. 28 without hotel permission and dove into a pool, according to Laguna Beach Police Sgt. Tim Kleiser. When the 28-year-old Laguna Niguel resident landed, his feet struck the edge of the pool, and he was severely injured.

Armer has not been arrested, he said, but detectives are investigating the stunt.

“This is what our concern was – that he would hurt himself or someone else,” the sergeant said.

It’s fucking insane, that’s what it is!

The follow up video was taken raw from KCAL9 news on his own YouTube channel:

To top it all off; after all was said and done, he started a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for his medical bills.  And has so far gotten over a $1,000 on it, with more coming.

I am just sitting here, stunned at it all.

A lot of the posters/donators in that page range from the very turned off, to the very giving.  It just goes to show that yeah; there are some nice persons who donate, while there are also those that flipping HATE what he’s doing.

I can safely say that without even commenting on any of his pages and videos, that I am one of the haters.

Because of one simple thing, and  let’s be honest here: he’ll NEVER learn the lesson because as soon as he’s done getting better – he’ll be doing it again soon enough.

It’s pretty much like giving an addict more of the fix to fuel his addiction: namely jumping off of VERY high places – until he kills himself.

There’s even talk of SUING YouTube.

Are they fucking serious?  What for?  For allowing the posting of such videos?

That’s personal responsibility and accountability on the owner’s part and NOT YouTube. Basically: it’s his own damn fault this latest stunt of his nearly crippled and killed him.

I understand the outpouring of help and donations for him, but it seems like it’s pointless when some people are just donating JUST BECAUSE THEY WANT TO SEE MORE!

There’s this one annonymous donator that proves exactly my point:


I wish this guy gets well soon.  But at the end of the day; all I can think of is that it’s gonna cost him his life in the end.  And while I respect people that like to do their own thing, and bravely defying odds doing what they love doing, it just galls me to no end that the next possible GoFundMe coming from this guy’s friends and family will probably be for his funeral.

2017 just started, folks, and this is one of the first WTF kind of things that are coming…


Author: Richard R. for Raccoon TV

Reacting to sources: 1, 2, 3, and 4