It’s about less than 30 minutes to 2017 from where I am… and I want to end 2016 with some GOOD NEWS for once.


There’s this guy, Keith Avila, a photographer who also drives for UBER, picked up two women and a girl at a home in Sacramento, California on Monday. As they got into the car, Avila noticed the girl looked young.

His early estimates was that she was around 12, but was later found out to be 16.

That’s way too young, and wearing clothes that were a tad more risque for someone her age outside of a modelling shoot.

Halfway to their destination — a Holiday Inn in Elk Grove, Calif. — they asked Avila to turn up the music, he said.

Then the women turned to the girl. Avila listened in.

“They were describing what they were going to do when they get there: ‘Check for guns. Get the money before you start touching up on the guy,’” 

The conversation that he overheard from the backseat sent up more than enough red flags  that after he dropped them off, he called the cops and started livestreaming it on Facebook.

Because, you know… you do that after you call the cops nowadays.

I’m mighty glad he did.  The young girl’s safe and the sex traffickers are behind bars.

Way to go Keith!

For a year full of such awful badness… things like these remind you that there’s still some good around.

Good-bye 2016… it’s been one hell of a trip that I don’t wanna remember too much of.


Author: Richard R. for RaccoonTV

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