Kids these days can be coniving, crafty bastards sometimes aren’t they?

They can just about get around MOST things that would morally foil an adult sometimes – like that kid who snuck into a gorilla enclosure for shits and giggles despite being told “NO” until the gorilla got shot because of one stupid kid’s antics.

Sure, parents aren’t accountable for that at all, right? Right?

Well, here’s another cautionary tale from a multitude of news sources in which a kid outsmarts some adults by using her parent’s phone and wallet to buy herself some Pokemon-related Christmas gifts totalling over $200.

By using her mom’s fingerprints for access.

While she was sleeping.



A supposedly “foolproof” security system beaten by a kid who doesn’t have a diploma or an IQ of an annonymous hacker.

Because when you want to buy $250 worth of Pokemon presents, desperate times call for desperate measures.

For Bethany Howell, in Arkansas, her daughter – Ashlynd’s unsolicited shopping spree reportedly cost her $250 in Pokemon presents.


Wanting to catch ’em all, the wannabe Ash Ketchum — or maybe Team Rocket of ONE — used her mother’s thumb to unlock a phone and open the Amazon app as mom napped on the couch just days before Christmas, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Little Ashlynd ordered 13 Pokemon gifts for herself, and told her parents she was “shopping” when they thought their Amazon account was hacked. The 6-year-old at least reassured her parents though that she got the shipping address right.

Brilliant, right? Thanks internet!

They allegedly were allowed to return about only four of those gifts after they cottoned on to their daughter’s larcenous schemes.

Parents, when you’ve got kids, I’d advise something more than two-step verification – for EVERYTHING.  Either that or hide your phones – or start wearing gloves to sleep.



Author: Richard R. for Raccoon TV

Reacting from Sources: CNET, CBS, WALL STREET JOURNAL