I couldn’t believe it either.

It what seems like some sick joke, apparently some moron crawled out of a Dark-sided part of bed after hearing on the late Ms Carrie Fisher‘s passing that they tried to tweet a “punny” – yet insensitive – picture that also passes as free advertising to mourn the passing of one of Sci-fi’s beloved actress.

It’s probably the last thing I would expect from Cinnabon, of all places.

The death of Carrie Fisher  on Tuesday brought a torrent of reactions from grief-stricken fans all over the world. But for Atlanta-based sugar-merchants Cinnabon, the opportunity to promote their Cinnabon® Classic Roll was too much to resist. So they mourned Carrie Fisher … the Cinnabon Way!


Granted, even Carrie Fisher made fun of her hairstyle in the first film and dubbed them as “Cinnabon Buns” – I think it was done in poor taste.

I mean, really?  It’s not even 24 hours yet and that happens.

The tweet was up only for a little bit before the backlash against it practically went nuclear.

Thankfully, after realizing their gaffe, they replied with an appology:


I bet whoever it was that tweeted it is probably in a special hell right now.

Or fired, I don’t know.

In any case; whether they were trying to mourn her in their own special way or just adding themselves up to free advertising, the damage has been done.

On a side note, how ever, I remember that Carrie had one wicked sense of humor and would probably laugh herself silly about the whole thing while we all go nuclear over it in her defense.

But we’ll never know.

Bad advertising, or pun-filled tribute gone wrong; we still lost one more amazing person to ever grace our lives through film and every form of media imaginable.

We all miss you, Carrie.



Author: Richard R. for Raccoon TV

Sources: Huffington Post, USA Today