Of all the stupid things you SHOUDLN’T do over a frozen lake or pond – playing golf is DEFINITELY one of them.

I mean, why on Earth would anyone – other than ice skate – over a frozen lake, do anything else?

Some people could fish, I suppose, provided that the ice is thick enough to do so.

You still wouldn’t get me to do any of it over one.

But apparently, some twit decided to try it out.

In a YouTube video, said twit took a swing – AND MISSED.

I think he also forgot to say: “FORE!”

One more contender for the Darwin Award?

Check out the video below that was also quoted: “During an annual Christmas golf tournament among friends, a friend of mine decided to hit the ball off the ice. It was a lovely, cold winter day. After my friend fell through the ice, we quickly got him out of the water and rushed him home to get a warm shower.”

Hopefully, his own balls froze off enough sperm count as to not allow him to reproduce.



Author: Richard R. for Raccoon TV